GPS tracks

Žiraja - Wolf Mountain (Vučja planina)

Tajan track

Očauš III track

Wolf Mountain (Vučja planina) - Grand tour

Stećci track

Očauš II track

Track Žiraja Palinska P

Track around Teslić

Kuzmani track

Hajdučke vode - Urljaj

Mountain hut - Wolf mountain (Vučja planina)

Donjani track Banja Vrućica Stećci

Hajdučke vode, Bijelo Bučje hut

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Go for a walk in the mountains around Teslić and discover why the locals love them so much.

Religious temples are an important cultural and historical heritage and are one of the best ways to get to know the traditions, history, and culture of a nation.

Peek into the hidden cave gems in the Teslić area and see how nature has decorated them with cave jewelry.

Mountains, places of worship and caves are not the only attractions that Teslić can offer. See what else is hidden in the nature around the municipality.