Rastuša Cave

The Rastuša Cave is located in the village of Rastuša on the eastern side of Hrnji hill, 17 km from Teslić, 24 km from Prnjavor and 25 km from Doboj. The length of the investigated canals is 570 m, and 450 m of lighted path was made for the tourist tour. The climate of the cave is not influenced by the external climate, so the temperature inside the cave is 13 degrees throughout the year. The interior of the cave is rich in cave jewelry: stalactites, stalagmites, saliva, draperies and large bathtubs. The wall of the caves are particularly attractive, being covered with patterns known as “Tiger’s skin”, which is created by a combination of calcite deposits and mineral solutions. This phenomenon in Europe is found only in two caves in Italy and France. The Rastuša Cave is an archaeological site, and explorations have discovered the remains of Cremanjonac and Krapinac type prehistoric humans were found, as well as the remains of a Pleistocene wolf and a cave bear (20,000 years old). The remains of two prehistoric hearths were found in the cave, in one of them fire burned for 150 years, and in the other for even 400 years. During 2008, experts from the University of Cambridge from Great Britain stayed in the Rastuša cave, and during their research, they found the remains of a cave lion and a cave rhinoceros, which is something completely new for the territory of Republika Srpska and beyond.

Rastušica Cave

Ratušica is another cave in the municipality of Teslić, and it is part of the Rastuša cave complex. However, unlike Rastuša, the Rastušica cave is still not sufficiently explored. Due to its great touristic and speleological potential, it is expected that more attention will be paid to it in the future and that all the natural treasures it contains will be explored.

Cave in Bijelo Bučje

The cave in Bijelo Bučje, a populated place near Teslić, has not yet been sufficiently explored, which we can conclude from the fact that it still does not have a name. Like the Rastušica cave, the cave in Bijelo Bučje has a great potential due to its natural beauty. We expect that in the future the cave in Bijelo Bučje will be further explored, and that this pearl of nature will be brought out of the darkness.

Ochaus cave

The Očauš Cave is located on the northwestern slopes of the Očauš Mountain, in the village of Gornji Očauš, Teslić municipality, about 50 km from the city. The explored length of the cave is 512 meters, and the entrance is located at an altitude of 973 meters above sea level. The entry is steep and quite difficult, so it is not often visited. The Očauš cave has been expertly researched and measured several times, but never completely. The first investigations were carried out by the National Museum team from Sarajevo in 1971. After that, in the period from 1983 to 1987, the geography teacher from the high school in Teslić, Čedomir Crnogorac, visited the cave with his students on several occasions and made some measurements. The first extensive measurements and research were carried out between 1997 and 1998 by the Speleological Society “Pionir” from Banja Luka.

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